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While Remote Management might sound simple, it’s anything but. You want to provide your customers with meaningful, actionable information. However, that information is coming from countless sources including internal hardware, proprietary software, and web-based services. That’s why you need Blue Medora Labs. We create custom software integrations so that your customers have critical data at their fingertips.

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Our custom software plugins give you clear insight into how your systems are performing, from hardware health to database performance.

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A custom software integration puts all of your important metrics — from intranet to cloud service usage — to easy-to-read dashboards.

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Your customers will have more insight and less heartburn when they can monitor the health, risk, and performance of apps, physical infrastructure and cloud services.

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We not only develop custom software integrations, we support them, so you can focus on your business, not your plugin!

The cost of doing nothing is immense.

Your customers are sizing you up. They’re spending a sizable amount of their budget on IT infrastructure, and they need to realize as much value as possible. So if you don’t offer remote monitoring and management, if you don’t give your customers meaningful metrics all wrapped in a beautiful dashboard, you may have already lost their business. Or, Blue Medora Labs can build and support a custom white label integration that your customers expect.

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And doing it yourself isn't much cheaper.

You’ve got an in-house development team, and they’re very good at what they do. But what they don’t do is spend every day building custom connectors and remote management tools that connect myriad pieces of IT infrastructure and cloud-based services like Dell EMC and AWS. The team at Blue Medora Labs does. When you partner with Blue Medora Labs, we’ll build the custom dashboard your customers want and keep it humming along, so you can keep your dev team humming along.

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We connect Anything to Everything, every day.

Blue Medora Labs creates custom software integrations for almost any network device or software service. If it has a Rest API, the team at Blue Medora Labs can integrate it with industry leading management platforms.

Give your customers everything, accessible from anywhere, with a custom white label software integration, built to exceptional standards by the team at Blue Medora Labs.

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Developing a custom software integration isn’t a decision to be made quickly or lightly. You probably have some specific questions that you need answered before you can determine if Blue Medora Labs can help you (hint: we usually can) and whether we’re a good fit for your project (hint: we usually are). We invite you to put our text area field to good use: ask a question or two. Or twenty.

We’ll respond as soon as we have answers, often the next business day.