Blue Medora Labs is a division of Blue Medora focused on creating custom integrations for applications, platforms, and infrastructure.

Blue Medora has earned a reputation for integrating the hardware, software, and services that enterprises rely on. In fact, since so many organizations have turned to Blue Medora, that we created Blue Medora Labs, a separate division to develop custom software integrations to bring greater data reporting and greater insight to information technology officers and end users. If your product — be it a router, an application, or platform — has a Rest API, Blue Medora Labs can transform its log data into powerful, actionable information.

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Custom software integrations for applications

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Custom software integrations for platforms

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Custom software integrations for infrastructure

You might need a custom software integration, but you might need Blue Medora.

Our parent company, Blue Medora, has developed a staggering number of software integrations — well over a hundred that the last time that we checked. So if you need metrics and performance data for widely-used devices, platforms, or enterprise applications, you probably don’t need Blue Medora Labs. Instead, you probably need BindPlane — the from Blue Medora.

See how BindPlane provides robust, flexible integration