Reputation: it’s hard to earn and easy to lose.

Not our reputation — yours. When we’re developing a custom software integration, we understand that your brand is at stake. This compels us to treat your development with the same exacting level of craft and concern that you would. A custom software integration can be a distinct, marketable, competitive advantage – if it’s done well.

Cost: if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

We get it: a custom software integration has a significant cost and you have a fiduciary responsibility to keep costs down. However, more than once we have seen brands put price before value and pay the price later with deadlines missed, budgets exceeded, and quality forsaken. When you’re evaluating partners, we strongly encourage you to evaluate not only the upfront cost — but the long-term cost as well.

Time: it’s even more important than money.

Should you ask Blue Medora Labs to develop a custom software integration for your hardware, platform, or application, you receive two important benefits. You free your team to work on your product without distraction, and you get a development schedule that runs smoothly, communicates clearly, and delivers a completed integration on time — without demanding all of your time and attention.