Custom software integrations for onsite and cloud-based infrastructure

Manufacture components? Provide Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)? Need sophisticated data for enterprise-level applications? Blue Medora Labs develops custom software integration so you can deliver actionable data, in near-time or real-time.

Infrastructure 8

Custom software integration for Storage

Capacity. Throughput. Lag. With custom software integrations, we’ll help you surface the numbers that matter.

Infrastructure 7

Custom software integration for Compute

Compute is at the center of the technology stack, and with custom software integrations, we can offer your end users real-time data on numbers that matter, like performance, workload, and activity.

Infrastructure 6

Custom software integration for Firewalls

Firewalls are more necessary than ever, but they’re also more complex than ever. With a custom software integration, your product can give provide network admins with data on traffic, bandwidth, and of course, security events.

Infrastructure 5

Custom software integration for Network Systems

Hubs, switches, adapters, and routers are the backbone of every data center and every organization, large and small. With Blue Medora Labs custom software integrations, OEMs can create a better experience for the end user AND a compelling point of differentiation for their products.

Infrastructure 4

Custom software integration for Monitoring

At Blue Medora Labs we often say, “If it has an API, we can create an integration for it.” Whatever you need to monitor: the hardware, the platform, or the application, we can develop a custom integration that delivers the metrics that matter to the people who matter.

Infrastructure 3

Custom software integration for Load Balancing

With cloud computing, distribution is key. With a custom software integration from Blue Medora Labs, you can help users to effectively distribute tasks and utilize resources.

Infrastructure 2

Custom software integration for Virtualization

With virtualization, more instances means more that can go wrong. Blue Medora Labs develops custom software integrations to easily view and aggregate data across dozens or thousands of installations.

Infrastructure 1

Custom software integration for Web Servers

For production servers, uptime is everything. Blue Medora Labs can provide your large scale hosting environment with data that matters most, from availability to client-server latency and deliver them along side performance metrics like request rate and CPU load.