With a custom software integration, you can monitor the smallest details.

By developing a custom software integration, you can provide your customers with faster, simpler access to the metrics that matter. And by improving the usability of your platform, you can improve its adoption.

Enterprise Applications

When your software is designed for organizations with thousands upon thousands of users, the team responsible to administering needs meaningful, real-time data as to how the application is performing — across campuses and across countries. With custom software integrations from Blue Medora Labs, you can.


The best way to expand the power and flexibility of your database is to make its information more accessible. That doesn’t just mean the records and tables, but giving end users insight as to how it’s performing. This information can assist users to predict usage patterns, identify potential threats, and even possible failure points.

Big Data

Big data is defined by three variables — which, coincidentally, all begin with “v”: volume, velocity, and variety. With custom software integrations, you can give administrators insight into all three. More importantly, you can put those metrics where your customers want them from web-based remote operations to your smartphone app.


Microsoft’s powerful hybrid computing platform lets developers connect cloud-based data and apps with their on-premise counterparts. With custom software integrations for Azure, developers can monitor the performance of Azure’s powerful tools and open source technologies including CPU usage, concurrent session and in-memory OLTP sessions, to reveal problems and unearth root-cause issues.

IBM Cloud / IBM Softlayer

Industry giant IBM offers a truly staggering range of cloud services. In fact, the massive sweep of IBM Cloud — still commonly known as IBM Softlayer — is one of the primary reasons for a custom software integration. Blue Medora Labs can bring together the data points that matter most. From blockchain to private clouds, we can help you manage the power of the IBM Cloud.


Amazon did not invent cloud services — but it sometimes seems that way. AWS delivers a massive array of web services. From archiving to serverless computing, AWS powers a goodly portion of the public internet. No matter which AWS offerings are part of your stack, we can give you access to the metrics that matter.


Fast and lightweight, containers allow developers to focus on the things that matter, resulting in more agility and productivity. With custom software integrations from Blue Medora Labs, development, testing, deployment, and overall management of your applications becomes even faster, simpler, and more scalable.